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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a web design and need something unique? We have video introductions and the latest flash technology.


PAYG Weekly payments. NO lock-in contracts. Let's grow your business and become your partner for all solutions.

We have been doing web design & digital marketing since dinosaurs roamed the earth. If you are not happy with the results you can cancel with our PAYG weekly payments.

Our Google adwords pricing is inclusive of a weekly admin fee of $79. We setup your campaign to auto stop once it reaches the campaign limit - so no extra costs like other Digital Marketing companies .

Sure! You can cancel anytime - weekly notice - PAYG.

See we started years ago as website builders and referred all our clients to digital agencies, only to have our clients beg us to take care of all the digital marketing. 60% of our clients could not afford monthly upfront payments of $1,200-$2,000. Please a management fee. We where shocked and decided to create a team offshore purely for Google Adwords.

See, we are not like other digital agencies that charge an upfront MONTHLY FEE and CANCELLATION FEE, and LANDING PAGE FEE. You know those digital guys in Brisbane City, Sydney and Gold Coast. Well we are not like them. Don't trust me - Ring around and find out.

We supply a FREE included sales page that is Google Friendly when you signup for any of our campaigns. All we ask is you pay a $10 hosting fee per month for hosting.

We use the latest digital technology with every campaign and supply a weekly report so you can decide to increase your spend or not.

I have a team of 50+ IT guru's working for me offshore. If you are looking for something unique- let me quote on it. We build professional websites, apps, plugins, coding and more..